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Poster Handle Order of the Dragon
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I think it is hard for many to understand, but the Truth is the Truth and their "Jesus" was NOT a perfect man, and he himself said to not even call him "good"

But, we acknowledge the fact, that this did NOT interfere with HIm being able to make righteous judgments.

In fact, I think acknowledgeing that oneself is NOT perfect, allows for Mercy in itself.

In the case of the adulteress, He gave her the law, and told her basically to NOT do any more sin. He knew, if she knew, what she had done was out of ignorance or just delighting in Evil........there is a difference.

I told you that in 2005, I went into self imposed celibacy........but in 2010, going through much, I thought you know fuck it........I am going to have some beers and sure it is fine to have sex, but God........let me know, that NO you will NOT be doing that........and I was huh? So, I thought shit........well, wont' be thinking I will do that again.......then later, I saw in the New Testament that fornication is also abomination..........you know, I was just thinking well, I am not married, I am not committing adultery........so at times, yes, there could be that ignorance.........and like I said, up until recently I thought homosexuality and transgender was okay.....and God is like NO, and then I found over 100 times he says so in the Bible..........often times if we are NOT looking for something, we never see it.....

However, they cannot be given all this Truth again over and over, just in case they had forgotten, and now say, I did NOT know, and continue lying and saying I was ignorant I did NOT know if it was wrong......because they have been told repeatedly the Laws of God again and to stop and they would NOT.

Making a mistake is one thing, doing Evil and refusing to stop and then trying to claim ignorance, is not okay, and is punished.
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