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Poster Handle Order of the Dragon
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So, what is still causing so much confusion is the sorcery of Babylon and Lucifer above

You see, they keep saying that there is ONE more left, and that is why they did not care when I was getting slaughtered..I was of no consequence to them

Mother warned me about this in 2006, and at the time, I was not sure what She meant. She said that they are all confused, they think it is the one who comes after you, but you are the Last One.

When they started to say these things to me, it again, proved what Mother says is TRUTH.

But they will not listen, and I feel that they are going to get stuck up there. I hAVE NOTHING MORE IN ME TO SAY.....I HAVE BEEN SEARCHING AND SEARCHING MYSELF AND GOING OVER THINGS......ANYTHING THAT I MAY HAVE MISSED.....

I tell them, just tear it down, bust down the walls, break the vessels, do whatever, you are going to get trapped in a horrible thing.

My daughter has had NO visitations. She knows me very well and the things we have looked up and talked about. There is NOTHING more.

You know my vices, I smoke outside natural cigarettes, and I drink my brothers beer budweiser, and way back when I would have a lover every now and then, and that part ended in 2005, the same year I met Steven.

My daughter and I have a good relationship, though we both are sensitive, tempermental, stubborn, and opinionated. My daughter has nothing bad to say about me the child loves me greatly, and best baby ever.

I am often surprised that in todays generation it is like oversharing and her friends seem to know quite alot about me too. There are NO secrets here. There is NOTHING left to uncover.

All of our forms, HUMAN now, and terrestrial are here on this Earth. We are NOT anywhere else, you are being deceived by sorcery.

So, get out of there however you have to.
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