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Re: Trump is president because you know who wanted it that way

Just simply introduce an alternate explanation of things and you'll find resistance from all sides. People are coaxed into identifying with certain groups, or collective minds, but when someone goes outside of this collective to introduce an alternate possibility, then you find the groupthink thoughtcrime that was just committed for even attempting to suggest a difference in what a person, or group of people believe. But there has to be a truth to this basis, otherwise the foundation is void, and any possibility, becomes all possibilities, and the whole theorem implodes on itself, creating timelines to infinity. And that could be what is actually taking place, and the lines we have found ourselves in are the ones that have the greatest foundation within society today.
Quoting: Zoink

I didn't see a place to give you Good Karma.

This is true, the things you are saying. I found more answers recently in the Gospel of Phillip confirming many things the Angels had told me about in 4/06 and the Egyptian Book of the Dead.

I told my daughter a story about when we were young and poor and lived in this severely roach infested apartment with my Mom, and my Beloved Brother JR who they murdered in 1985. For entertainment, we spent the afternoons catching roaches and putting them into large jars.

We noticed that when One, tried to make a break to freedom and discovered there was no lid, and started climbing up the wall to freedom, the others got upset, and they immediately would start pulling on the entrepreneur until they got it pulled back down in their piles of filth and misery.

Mankind is like that. If you give any one of them, another book, besides their 1 Book, which I found none of them had read anyhow, they get angry and upset and want to attack you for showing intelligence.

We must speak those 3 Secret Names of the 7th Throne, we must know Truths that Secret Societies have had to keep hidden, and we must become the Trinity with in ourselves to be Free and have true connection to the Real Heavenly Realms and peace, love, and abundance.
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