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Anyhow, I was confused initially about the Heaven in the Midst of the Earth, but later I did find Jesus talked about this, I think it was in Revelation 22 and In Mathew, the Queen of the South will come from there, and also Moses and David.

There is NO sun and everyone is white.

So, I did not realize something, and my daughter made me realize, when the tribes and people were dispatched around the Earth, over time, their bodies mutated for survival. She is very much into Korean beauty and culture, and I have really loved the music coming out of there lately, so much heart in some of them, I can understand although I do not know the language.

Anyhow......she was explaining that the color of skin is the melanin for protection and so if we had NO Sun and No Climate Extremes we would be White because the body does not need to produce that.........and how I got sidetracked onto Asians is she was saying even Asian people their eyes changed because they were exposed to sandstorms and things, and the body protected itself over time.

But, I was also reviewing many things, and yes, I know Jesus was Immaculant Conception, and I for one, know this can happen, but I was telling them, you know, I am not sure if HE always was, maybe after HE used the Keys of hell and death, but I think Jesus is a Vampire too.

I am not sure, I am trying to figure this out, but it seems this way.

Anyhow I found that Vampires were the Ancient Egyptian Mummies as well, their is much inscriptions about this.

So, anyhow, we all are IN Truth White People, Caucasions, and I am NOT in anyway being racist here, I am telling you that with NO Sun and No Weather Extremeties we ALL turn back Caucasion.
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