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Poster Handle Order of the Dragon
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But, for all they have done, they have done nothing

This man has given great sacrifice to Father to stay with me through such disgust and sickness, and he is going to be rewarded greatly

And myself, well, I am emerging better than I was in 2008, I am returning now back to entreprenuer pursuits and we have no rent or mortgage payment, Father allowed us to win an auction home for little money.

I have no car payments, Father allowed a man to sell us an 8K truck for 2K. Very nice although used.

I have better things in Truth than I have ever had, and life is easier for me than it has ever been. I only need to work part time to have things and have money to go out and have fun.

And the weight, well the other day I had to have my chocolate candy and several beers, and still today, I am down 38 pounds already with NO effort.

My wrinkles are disappearing my hair is growing so fast, it was down to my butt and I cut it, and now it is back down to mid back.

Those Evil Demon Satanic Whores can NOT harm me and mine, Father is a Good Father and Over Everything, HE takes care of us, HE is the Best Husband I have ever had.

Read all my threads, and have a little drink from my bowl, it really is not too bad, you will see. As long as you are armed with the Truth, it is fine, and Father helps you greatly.

The worst is going through the lust at times, but that does pass without incidence, it is just an extreme sex education but it goes away, no big deal.
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