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Poster Handle Order of the Dragon
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Well, the answer is, it was still NOT in my mind, even though terrible things had occurred to think that people I did not know or ever harmed would want to murder me and my children for no reason

So, when all these events started happening, this Foreign Middle Color Man showed up at my home, and he had this bottle he said of special drink, and God had sent him, and for me to immediately drink the drink, and I would sleep like I never slept before.

And I had come under attack, and much was happening, and I had just been in prayer with Father for maybe an hour or so, so I did not think I guess anymore about it.

Then, he said he wants to come for me after work from Los Angeles and pick me up and drive me back to some meeting with him, and this is like giving him a unnecessary 6 hours of driving and it made no sense to me.......I couldn't understand what he was saying

Then, he asks me, if I need a lover? And I was horrified, and I say absolutely NOT!

So, I drink the bottle, and then Emmanuel says to me, MOM, I am going to let them kill me, or they are going to kill us both, if I die, perhaps, you will live.

And I was like HUH.........so then more happens and Emmanuel is caught up to the Heaven of Heavens with my Mother the Bright White One who has given me to Vlad Dracul in the Midst of the Earth and my daughter, which my daughter is His child anyhow

And Rachel is just laughing and laughing and saying "It is too late now, isn't it?" And I am devastated, but my grief is just put on hold, as they again start trying already to threaten my little minor virgin girl, and so
then I was just in battle 24/7 for years.
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