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Poster Handle Order of the Dragon
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I don't know people I have purchased this painting of Lady Guinevere knighting a knight several times, I had to leave one in 2010 again in California, and I bought one years ago and it has been put away and so it is always on my mind to frame and put up

So today, finally, I decide, there is enough money to go to Michael's and have it framed and we go and uncover it and I look at it, and it appears to damaged, and I am furious, and I just see RED........I lose it, I got off on Krystal, I cannot even remember what all, accusing her of not protecting it, and then the sales clerk I just throw my credit card at her and scream "What do you want from me? My blood!!!!!!!!" And I am going crazy and I a have to leave I am going crazy thinking the picture is damaged.......

So I go out and Krystal is so hurt and crying and embarassed and does not say a word to me and we go and wait and I am trying to calm down and so we go back and pick it up and I tell her, tell the Bitch to wrap it, I do not want to look at it, I can not look at it, but it in the back of the truck

So here it is, and we get home finally, and there are several men outside the home across the street doing some tree work and they try and pick me up and I say, "
What are you saying to me, I don't have time for you, I need a Budweiser" and he says "I could use a sexy woman like you to have a Budweiser with" and I say "Well I have not found one man yet who can handle me so what is it you want" and he says "well you need some trees cut" I say "you can give me your card" he says "I like them mean, I can use a woman like you to have a beer with" I say "well I can drink my beer by myself but I will take your card"

So, then the girls all these hours later say "mom look at the picture it is fine." I say "I can not" and I have not been drinking much at all for months now, but I am torn up over this, and I have done one 40oz and truly I need another one before I can ponder if the picture if in fact is truly okay.

Oh Krystal always enduring the perfect love and angel, never has disrespected ever one time. She was so hurt today, you know even a sincere apology doesnt erase the memory, I feel terrible about that.
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