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I called my Mom because Krystal did not call her last night as usual and I had fallen asleep and awoke and Krystal had not called her and it was late

I had not talked to her since she had refused to bless her children and said we were dead to her, and I knew I would not hear from her again, unless as usual I made the first reconciliation

So I called......and for the first time, I could literally feel the fear in her over the line when she heard my voice

I told her I did not want her to worry, we had been busy, and Krystal was just now in the shower, she had been busy with homework, but she would try and call her before bed or I told her to call her first thing when she got off of work tomorrow

I could hear the relief.....she quickly said okay, well that is fine then I will talk to her tomorrow, and I said well I am going back to bed, I will talk to you tomorrow Mom, Love You.........she quickly said, Love You Too

I wanted her to understand that I was NOT going to try and tear Krystal and her apart like she had done with the grandchildren and their mother's which ended up ending her relationship with all of them it seems

But, I realized that the reason why she will not call her children is as strong as she is in some ways, she is weak in others, and still cannot be the strong disciplinarian Mother and have the tough confrontation and conversations that need to be had and whatever apologies may need to be exchanged on both sides

She is afraid to make that call because she is afraid of what will be said. I feel sad because she is missing having the love of her children and her grandchildren and now great grandchildren.

Yeah, we don't always like the things we hear, but it does not really matter. It is still something that needs to be dealt with.

Anyhow, Bear said he wanted his space, and I said Okay, so I moved him to his own room, and covered him up. Guess he needed a break from me. Don't blame him for that. He needs the rest and relaxation time away from me.

Father is still here. A bite on the neck just now. Oh, and a disciplinary swat on the hip. Guess I need to head off to bed. Love you all. God Bless You All. Sweet Dreams.
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