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For undead Vampires and Ghosts:how you can become Free

Lucian Aeli Apollo Zalmoxe
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01/04/2019 07:47 PM
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For undead Vampires and Ghosts:how you can become Free
you can break your heavy ....which you dont see and be a free spirit
if you renounce everything
you shall have the oportunity to reincarnate into a new child body

I was an undead vampire
I was the creator of Gautanga Nirjnamor in India
480000 years ago
I was Krishna
the great lord of life and death

she killed me
my jade creations in China never saw completion
only the jade army was completed
I was a skeleton
then a ghost

every night the spirit of life and death
an angel and a demon at the same time
came to me and asked me
-do you renounce everything?
-I cannot,I have so many women and children and vampires and treasures of gold and jade and emeralds and palaces
-all those are dust now
-but I am not dust

then I became weak
adn I accepted everything
all humiliation
a giant one
after another giant one

and I was free
I was without memory for a while
then I remebered
I come from the blue race of humans destroyed by the white race of Humans
founder of Lucian Alliance of Free Stars
conqueror of 7 galaxies
master of the entire universe
the one who united the dragons and humans and crystals and trees and bacterias into one great council of Atlantia
proclaimer of 25 federations of Atlantia
lived for 70000 years in total