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$1,500-a-month doggy daycare prompts growls in San Francisco

Progress just hit my wall

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United States
01/08/2019 11:54 AM

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$1,500-a-month doggy daycare prompts growls in San Francisco
Oh, it's tough living in San Frncisco. People shit in the streets but your dog has someone following them around scooping it up...

When signage for Doggy Style began popping up in San Francisco’s Noe Valley neighborhood last month, it was accompanied with the usual grumbling and eye-rolling about the city’s nouveau riche.

After all, a private members-only doggy daycare offering an “innovative dog experience” for up to $1,500 a month in a city in the midst of a humanitarian crisis over homelessness smacks of a well-groomed French bulldog yipping: “Let them eat kibble.”

Noe Valley SF, a hyperlocal blog, decried the Doggy Style co-owner Rachel Swann for “bringing ridicule” to the neighborhood, while comments on an SFGate article about the business ranged from scoffing at “people with too much time and money” to the vaguely threatening: “When the Bolsheviks are looking for the first people to shoot, club members will be at the top of the list.”

[link to www.theguardian.com (secure)]
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