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French Yellow Vests demands inspirer / Etienne Chouard ENG SUB

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01/09/2019 05:23 PM
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French Yellow Vests demands inspirer / Etienne Chouard ENG SUB

[link to www.youtube.com (secure)]

There is for those who' s don' t want to heard French language during this nearly hour interview this exelent article

[link to www.ahtribune.com (secure)]

The Constituent Yellow Vests Appeal to All Humanity

We have been in the plutocracy for two hundred years since the revolutions of England, America, France, since the advent of the representative government which designates the political players by the procedure of the election among candidates that one can help. This procedure, since one can help, gives all the power - because when one win the elections, one exercise all the power during the mandate - to those who have the most resources to help, that is, the richest.

What do you mean by "help"?

Helping by buying the newspapers that will show the candidates, very often and in a flattering light, helping by buying the TV channels and the media that will talk about them. It is interesting to note the exact concordance between the curves of the figures of television appearances and the elections figures. In fact, the curves are identical. The two parties where these curves are not quite identical, because they have many activists, are the parties of Melenchon and Le Pen, but for all the other parties, the election results depend strictly on the time spent on television. TV news feeds on newspapers: there are virtually no - or very little - field journalists on television; in fact, TV channels most often take up what's in the papers. Now, in France, the rich have bought all the newspapers, there are nine billionaires who have bought all the paper newspapers of the country. I do not talk about the internet where there are still free journalists. But the bulk of the population does not look at the internet; most people are not politicized and watch TV, which is the reflection of what is in the newspapers, which, them, reflect the thought of billionaires. This is very serious because instead of being informed by journalists, the public opinion is distorted and uninformed. This is very problematic because a democracy demands that citizens be enlightened. True journalists are the sentinels of the people.

[link to www.ahtribune.com (secure)]

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When the government violates the rights of the people, the insurrection is, for the people and for every portion of the people, the most sacred of rights and the most indispensable of duties.