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WTF!!!!!! WOW!!!! TRUMPS latest Tweet!!! USING Democrat AMMO!


User ID: 74854628
01/10/2019 05:33 PM
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Re: WTF!!!!!! WOW!!!! TRUMPS latest Tweet!!! USING Democrat AMMO!
What is the problem with you Americans potzing around with the wall?!

You are being overrun by Hispano-Negroidal Mullato & Mestizo reconquistas who hate you degenerate White Trash......to death!

Here in tiny Israel, which is the area of a single Texas county, Bibi threw up in 6 months a 300 mile triple-layered razor sharp electrified fence that has 100% blocked entry to the tsunami of Ebola-Aids ridden Black African Negroe sludge that was threatening to overwhelm us!

You Americans really are poltically correct wuss-puss imbeciles who if you cannot defend your own borders deserve to disappear in a racial mélange and become not even a footnote in the Judeo-Messianic future!
 Quoting: Dunash

It was your bunch that infected the West with Political Correctness and changed our U.S. immigration laws in 1965 which switched the numbers coming in to 90% non-White and still push constantly for more 3rd world parasites to enter White countries.

Eat-shit and die, kosher-scum-fuck.