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If you knew, wouldn't you give them the world?


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United States
01/10/2019 04:59 PM

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If you knew, wouldn't you give them the world?

I don't understand these people, they hop times, live in the finest conditions, have money, power, and real spirit power...why are they constantly contacting me?

Wasn't there a thread comparing humans to higher beings? What do they want?
I'm literally being contacted by people who I might have seen standing at a bank in Killeen in 2010. The most random interactions ever. Also, they are directly involved in my very poor treatment post death and they've always been involved. I got a call from someone in 2008 that links up with what I'm experiencing now.

When I used to work at a bank, this guy kept talking about some girl who is a stripper etc when I was at work. This never used to mean anything to me because I didn't realize my every move is tracked in some kind of psychotic Astral reality show.
OMG this is so insane...