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What’s your spirit animal?

Draxx them Sklounst

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United States
01/11/2019 01:10 AM

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Re: What’s your spirit animal?
Bluebird and black panther. Told to me by Native American shaman, and they totally fit.
Agent MIB

User ID: 44079930
01/11/2019 11:59 PM

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Re: What’s your spirit animal?
I was told by a Navajo shaman (elder) during a ceremony that my spirit animal is a hawk. That I have an old soul and here to guide others to the true path during times of peril. I was invited by a coworker who is Navajo to the ceremony. The tribal elders don't just let anyone join a sacred ceremony. I was told my spirit animal means I have foresight, intuition and can ascend above the physical world to see beyond.

Upon meeting the Navajo elder, he immediately asked if animals and children trusted me. I found it profound because it is true, that even wild (feral) animals and children are drawn towards me. He informed me it's because I have a pure and clean spirit. That I have an old soul, meaning that I've led a long journey in the physical world to experience and learn to prepare for ascension to the spiritual world. That my experience draws other spirits in seek of teaching and guidance during troubled times.
 Quoting: Agent MIB

Creatures and kids like me, too. I seem to get along with everyone I meet. I've had unexpected and peculiar incidents happen to me along my journey. A random stranger last year held my hands at the gas station, this man was behind the counter, with a black turban on his head, and when I held out my hands for my change, he put both his hands on top of mine, almost as a gesture of utmost respect and love. Even without saying a word, I knew he saw my spirit, and paid homage to me in his own way, without words. Love and respect.

But I have also had many others disgrace me. The spirit in them lashing out from within their person, to try and inflict pain on my mind, and grieve my spirit. I've also had a prophet tell me that I will do great things for the Lord. I've also had messages come to my mind that were intended just for me. No matter who I try and share them with, no one pays any attention, or they are unable to understand. So, I know there is someone somewhere who is paying attention, and sends me these messages as a way to remind me that I'm very special.

And this makes some extremely jealous
 Quoting: Zoink

I've had 3 peculiar incidents like the one your talking about two with humans and one with an animal at a zoo becoming hostile whenever I was near, and never taking their eyes off of me.
 Quoting: storm2come

Young children and animals have strong instincts. They can sense whether a person is good or bad. My 2 yo son was giving my sister-in-law's boyfriend a dirty look and wouldn't go near him. Turns out he is abusive towards women.
You are born with the truth, then taught a lie.
Lily o' the Valley
Lily so sweet and fair

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United States
01/12/2019 12:04 AM

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Re: What’s your spirit animal?
Whens the last time you smelt a man?
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I smelled a few tonight, but smelt w one last year.
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haha atta girl
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I'm saving myself for a meaningful relationship. No need to start a fire with wet wood.
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Believing what you want instead of knowing what you should doesn’t always work out so well..
*** Good deeds bring rewards, bad actions bring troubles. That is a law of the universe. ***

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United Kingdom
01/12/2019 12:11 AM
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Re: What’s your spirit animal?
You have to be 'given' your spirit animal, so mines is a dog.
OR a wort hog.
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You strike me as more of a shit maggot. A maggot crawling around in shit, desperately wanting to be a shit fly.

Fly away and metamorphasize into a little shitfly, you little shit maggot....
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