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Food: "Impossible Burger" Describe yours.

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United States
01/12/2019 02:52 PM

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Food: "Impossible Burger" Describe yours.
"Impossible Burger"

Makes me hungry. Sounds like something you would get at a steak house.

Here is mine.

A burger made from ground fillet with ground bacon. Held together with some egg white. Pressed thin and grilled just right. Three of them with cheddar in between and a fresh sour dough roll that's been grilled with butter and topped with mushrooms, sliced toasted garlic, and onion chips.

Makes me want to start eating beef again.
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Cannabis Kills People

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United Kingdom
01/12/2019 02:58 PM
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Re: Food: "Impossible Burger" Describe yours.
I was in ASDA (Walmart UK) on Thursday and they had packs of "wagyu beef" burgers on sale for £4 - link [link to groceries.asda.com (secure)]

Their corporate assholes must think the general public are stupid. How the fuck can they get away with a blatant scam?

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