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Fact and Truth - Difference between left and right - Why news is fake or not...

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01/12/2019 03:42 PM
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Fact and Truth - Difference between left and right - Why news is fake or not...
Fact and Truth
FACT is done and proven.
Snow is white (in most areas of the world), fact. Snow is composed of crystalline structures, making everyone of them unique, fact. Can't refute it.

TRUTH is whatever you want it to be. It can start with fact, but change. As soon as it starts to change from whatever it started with - fact -, and someone adds 'spice' to it to make it different, it becomes truth. Doing this, makes it whatever anyone wants it to be.

Snow brings a refreshing exuberance. That is truth to some, but not fact. Snow brings depression and misery, to the start of winter. That is truth to some.

Another example for GLPers... Those that believe in various conspiracy theories surrounding 9/11 are truthers. They have come to believe, starting with facts, then making it into something that is extra ordinary beyond fact.

Left - Fact to truth to truth to truth - They will not see beyond what they are told, and when they say they study and research what they are proclaiming, it is largely based on one sided arguments. Again they see what they want, not thinking beyond, or the big spectrum of things. This is similar to evolutionists when they try to prove age by carbon dating (guessing a date that seems to fit). Of those on the left that I know or have known, they are very one sided to what they 'know'. They have a hatred for whatever they don't favor. If you are not siding with LGBTQ, you are immediately a bigot, fascist, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, lesser human that should go to a rehabilitation camp to become a better human. No joke, many will believe this way from the left. They will always portray themselves as loving, open, etc. They usually are suffering a mental sickness (This can be overwhelmingly proven).

Right - Truth to fact to truth to fact - They don't always start with fact. Most on the right start with passion and are driven by it, as can be the left as well. Of all those on the right I have encountered, it is discovered that they think things over, looking at a bigger picture. That does not mean that they will always be this way. They will have a stance that makes more sense, but seems heartless to several, mostly the left.

Uneducated - They don't read facts, rather only listen to whatever 'truth' the most popular spews. This is the largest majority out there, most especially, kids growing up right now. They will believe whatever Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or reddit tells them. These are also the people that will take care of those that are middle age or higher, making the decisions for them. These uneducated will be listening to truth so much, they will have a skewed and completely wrong view of life and the world.

Independent - They research and decide for themselves. Self explanatory. More desired in any population
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