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* * * Put Every Anti-Wall, Leftist Lunatic In Their Place in 7 Easy Steps * * *

Kenny Kennesaw
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United States
01/13/2019 02:27 PM
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* * * Put Every Anti-Wall, Leftist Lunatic In Their Place in 7 Easy Steps * * *
Tired of seeing leftist loons posting their garbage all across social media? Fear not! The following is an in-depth guide on how to put every anti-wall lunatic in their place. Enjoy.

1.) Initially they may try and use the contrived and tiring tactic of calling you a hateful person or a racist. Remind them this has nothing to do with race, and everything to do with documented facts and your desire for a nonviolent and less crime ridden country. Follow through with sharing one of the most potent facts, which is that despite illegals accounting for just 6% of the general population, they manage to account for over 30% percent of the federal prison population. Remind them that this figure obviously only represents the most desperate, ignorant and slowest of illegal immigrants, since they were arrested and charged, despite having the inherent motivation to remain hidden from society. It’s not unreasonable to conclude that if we were able to account for “all” crimes committed by illegals, the number would likely double.

2.) You might be presented with the old and false argument that illegals “contribute” more to society than they are a burden. Ask them how. After they tell you that they “do the jobs nobody wants to do”, ask them who did those jobs before we were in this crisis? After they try and ignorantly claim that “illegals pay taxes”, quickly call them out and remind them that 98% of illegals don’t actually pay ANY taxes, due to the fact that they are…illegal. The last thing these people want to do is participate in any government scheme. Illegals, by and large, are paid in cash and don’t have SS#s. In fact, even worse, many send that money right back to their own countries. They don’t add ANY net value to society, despite utilizing our resources.

3.) If they are still attempting to argue at this point, they might suddenly appear as if they have a become a professional financial analyst. They may attempt to tell you that “building a wall" won’t fully stop the problem, and therefore is a waste of tax dollars. Tell them that no one is arguing whether the wall would be 100% effective. Simply call these ignorant, leftist pricks out on there bullhshit by reminding them that the genuine cost vs. reward analysis of the wall would pay off quickly, even if it only reduced illegal crossings by 20%, which it will, at minimum. Proceed to ask them how much money do they think illegals cost our country and wait for them to respond.

4.) If they evade the above question entirely (or flat out lie) remind them that even according to non partisan studies and analysis, our country spends a minimum of 150 billion, annually. (Likely a low number), If they ask for “sources” tell them that although it’s not your job to do their homework, you’ll throw them a bone, and then send them the following link: [link to www.gao.gov (secure)]

After sending them the link above, remind them that the above research naturally only factors in illegals who are actually accounted for (which is the minority) and not the overwhelming majority, for obvious reasons.

5.) The delusional leftist may then try and argue about how "expensive" it would be to maintain a wall (without even having the actual statistics on a maintenance budget). Again, anyone who uses this rebuttal is clearly refusing to consider just how much money illegals cost this country on a daily basis. Tell them they are in complete and utter denial for the sake of appearing virtuous. Feel free to remind them again, of the 150 + billion figure that you’ve already mentioned.

6.) In desperation, the delusional leftist may try and claim that a wall will be a waste of time since illegals will simply dig a tunnel to get past the wall. First, thank them for at least finally acknowledging that there’s a problem with illegal immigration. Then remind them of reality, which is that digging a freaking tunnel is a huge undertaking. In fact, an effective tunnel can takes months to dig. The average family who is trying to cross illegally, isn't standing at the wall waiting for the opportune time with a shovels in hand as their kids and mama babies are crying. However, even more important to point out, is that the vast majority of hidden tunnels are a major operation and are primarily used for smuggling drugs, not humans. Smuggling drugs is an entirely different animal, so stick with illegal immigration so they are not allowed to move the goal post. While coyotes use tunnels from time to time, the majority of the tunnels remain under a highly controlled, territorial network, largely kept secret by the cartels. By virtue of the implication of having these tunnels found, they aren't exactly “motivated” to use them to smuggle desperate humans as often as you'd think. Drugs don’t spill secrets, but humans do. When it comes to the sheer number of humans crossing to enter illegally, this is done mainly above ground, not underground.

7.) There’s no doubt that at this point, they would have either devolved back to calling you childish and baseless names, or they would have already left the conversation. If they are still engaging you, simply tell them that they clearly believe that not only does their misguided discourse influence their reality, but that their discourse alone, is their reality. Remind them that being possessed with ideology isn't virtuous, nor is it a realistic way to solve issues.

Rinse and repeat.

Last Edited by Kenny Kennesaw on 01/13/2019 02:36 PM