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Road rage turns around quick.

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01/14/2019 03:59 PM

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Re: Road rage turns around quick.

Everything has got to be a THING today

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01/15/2019 10:50 AM

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Re: Road rage turns around quick.
 Quoting: SDF880

That doesn't change the criminal act of the "Assault with a deadly weapon".
 Quoting: Chip

So just pointing a gun at someone is considered assault?

My boss is going to take me shooting. He has a variety of handguns he's going to let me try out and practice with, then perhaps I might buy one of those.

I need to know this stuff....because I didn't know merely pointing a gun at someone constituted assault, if it can.

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01/15/2019 10:29 PM

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Re: Road rage turns around quick.

 Quoting: Interferon

Funny, but that's assault with a deadly weapon...

Guy could be charged if he hasn't already.

Very stupid to publish that video.
 Quoting: ^TrInItY^

uuuhhhh WRONG, that is NOT assault at all,m what that actually is, is called brandishing a weapon.

So often those who are wrong spout falsehoods and spread false information so then some lame face to face with someone who knows can yell ignorant falsehoods in your face.

"That's assault!" that's Assault!" when its not.

Get it right, that is brandishing, and in some states not as bad as others, he feared for his life, he used his gun like it was meant to be used to diffuse a situation before it escalated without firing a single bullet. Seems like this situation turned out exactly like it should have.

in fact I have had to do this more than once here in AZ. I never leave home without my iron on my hip, market, gas station, event, club run, all of it armed at all times.

I am sure that pisses some of you off, and to you I say "Good!, good motherfucking good, I hope it offends you and your pussified sensibilities" your a lame and dont worry I will defend you too when it come down to it. you can thank me and a gun later.
 Quoting: Trumpinstein

You are wrong, sorry. It crosses the line from brandishing to assault once you actually point the gun in the direction of another person.

I know this because years ago I actually had someone point a shotgun at me from their car. The fool, in his desire to prove his manhood, forgot we were in heavy traffic and the reason we were in heavy traffic due to a bad accident in front of us...it also escaped his brain that about 15 cops were in front of us.....lets just say the old boy was met with cops behind their cars, guns drawn....he got a very warm welcome.

The cops asked me if he just waved it around or if he actually pointed it at me. They explained at that time the reason they were asking the question. It goes to what they are charging the punk with.
 Quoting: FeedYourHead

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