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Riflery Basics For (___________) You Fill In The Blank..... Ladies Welcome, too!

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01/16/2019 12:00 AM
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Riflery Basics For (___________) You Fill In The Blank..... Ladies Welcome, too!
Knowing How To Hit What You've Aimed At.....

Pretty Much the ultimate goal... Women have a great facility for fine detail motion and quick thinking. If you aren't encouraging the women in your home, or your close Lady-Friends to try "shooting", you're missing lots of fun and enhanced security!

Lots of women snipers in the Red Army in the defense of Stalingrad. Patience is a skill women come by naturally because they have to cope with men... Being Able TO WAIT For Your Shot IS The Essence of Good Riflery. So, The Ladies have MORE Going For Them to start than men do... Aptitude...

The easiest rifle to learn to shoot for defensive purposes is the AR-15. It's fairly lightweight; both ammunition and rifle, and it has minimal recoil. If you're left-handed the brass ejection (it's a Self-Loading Rifle!) can be distracting. Not a great idea to shoot a self-loader if wearing an open blouse, cleavage revealing garment. Hot brass burns tender skin.

I was reading an article tonite titled The AR Sniper... Almost ALL the comments were from asshole men who don't Get It about the AR-15....

What you have in a 15 that an AR-10 or M1a in .308win, or an AK-47 in 7.62x39 don't have is The WEIGHT Advantage and Precision. Yes, the 7,62x51 aka .308win; will shoot to greater distance; but other than desert warfare, most sniping is a medium range affair.

What makes the 5.56x45/.223rem WORK at 500-600yds is The 75/77 grain Match boattail bullet!

The NRA Service Rifle Competition since the early 00s has been DOMINATED by the 20" barreled AR-15 Rifle. Shooting an SR match happens at 200/300 & 600yds. The US Army Marksmanship Unit has won the National Team Championship shooting All Ranges with the 77gr Match Load.... (Lake City brass, Rem 7.5 primer, 24gr Reloader 15, & Sierra (or Nosler!) 77gr BTHP Match Bullet)

Recoil is next to nothing. First and only time I shot an SR match with a NEW TO ME Rifle, I did the 10 rapid fire shots at 200yds in 7 seconds. Being a newbie, I hurried too much and only placed 8rds in the bull or 10ring, 2rds in the 9 ring edge. Incredibly easy to shoot fast and accurately... Talking 8 shots in a 2" circle at 200yds with Open Sights in 6 seconds or less! No match trigger on the rifle, but did have a SR Upper w/float tube and a shooting jacket...

Still... The AR-15 is An Accuracy Machine; not talking the 14" barreled M-4 guns. The 20" barrel balances better and delivers the goods. At 600yds the bullseye in SR is a 6" circle. The US AMU won their year(s) using magazine length ammunition... Most competitors use 80 or even 90gr VLD Match bullets which are loaded singly in the rifle. The 90gr Sierra VLD is a 1000yd capable performer.

So... 77gr bullet, according to the Sierra Ballistics software hits with more energy at 500yds than a factory loaded 158gr .357mag at highest velocities hits at 25yds. Talking from an 8-3/8" barreled revolver.

Sniping is not so much about killing as it is Hitting. Disable an enemy and several have to cart him/her away. We always shoot to STOP, not to kill...

Women have the fine motorskills and quick thinking to master the AR-15 in short-order. The AR-15 Rifle is geat for All-Around use as the 77gr bullet will penetrate any Big Game like Elk, Moose, Bear. You have 18 or 28 rds to stop a bear... Maybe not ideal, but a cool shot dumping 18rds into a Brown Bear's head is going to win their day...

The flat-top AR-15 has integral scope rail which is one more reason for it's intrinsic accuracy. A low-power scope is more versatile at close range. Big Open Sight Picture, with an Illuminated Reticle gives fast reaction time with precision aiming. A hashmark reticle with lines and dots Mil or MOA enables Fast Reaction and holdover/under depending on distance to target.

An Illuminated Reticle can be seen by an enemy in the dark or dim light; but with a Butler Creek flip-up lens cover the illumination still works and at close distance The Bindon Aiming Concept will work for you. Just put your dot or X crosshair centermass and you have a Hit! Practice that one... Knowing supersedes things we believe or are faithful of...

The 20rd AR magazine is most versatile. Easier to shoot with from the bench or from prone (on the ground). 30rd mag won't let you get as low. Sometimes you want to get really low...

The Primary Element that Enables the AR-15 rifle is The Ammunition. Costs a shitload to buy match ammo. Learn to handload your own and Save Big... Takes an investment in loading gear, but you can also handload your other ammunition. ALWAYS SAVE YOUR FIRED BRASS! IT REPRESENTS ABOUT 40% OF THE COST OF RETAIL AMMUNITION. WHY THROW IT AWAY?

The AR-15 is The Rifle for the whole American Family. Everybody should learn how to shoot! Reloading your ammunition makes it easy to learn because it's cheap to do...

1000 rds of Match ammo is about $1500

1000 rds of 1x fired Lake City Brass is about $100
a carton of Rem 7.5 (match) primers is $40
a 1000pk of 77gr Nosler bthp match bullets is $200
a 5lb jug of Reloader 15 is about $120
each lb of powder is 7000gr. 5lbs of RL15 will load about 1250rds of match ammo. See the Match Tested Formula above. Cost of your 1000rds (first loading) is $460
Load em again w/o buying brass and your cost is $360....

Loading gear will cost another $500 to $1000
The Lee Progressive Press will load a lot of rounds fast. The Dillon 550b is more widely acclaimed but costs about $500...or $300 more. Dillon gear is spendy; the best always is. Cry Once!

You need a powder scale, loading dies, a loading press, and a powder measure if you want to load with some speed.

To load The Best Match Ammo, a Redding Type S Full Length die with neck size bushing is superb as is a Forster Benchrest die. Redding also makes their Type S Competition sets for about $250.. The single type S FL and the Forster die do the same thing, but no micrometer adjustments, they cost about $120.

A Lee handpriming tool w/tray is great for feeling the seat of your primers. Also will need some Imperial Die Wax, a Weight Check Set is a great comfort (Be SURE of your weights!) MTM plastic 50rd boxes are great to keep ammo in perfect condition, and store it in USGI Surplus ammo cans...

Shooting is a skill that is fun to acquire and may one day soon save your life and that of your family...

Teach your wife and your children how to shoot and to respect the awesome power they will control. All guns are ALWAYS Assumed Loaded Until Proven Otherwise... Never point the barrel of a gun at anything you don't want to destroy...
Lester  (OP)

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United States
01/16/2019 12:54 AM
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Re: Riflery Basics For (___________) You Fill In The Blank..... Ladies Welcome, too!
Rifle Basics....

The AR-15 should always be loaded from a magazine. The resistance of the round against the magazine lips slows the impact of the bolt against the round seated in the chamber. Single loading must be done carefully.

The rifle ought be maintained regularly with lubricant on all moving parts. This includes the sear and trigger mechanism, the bolt carrier, the bolt locking lugs and possible application of grease to the recoil spring. I use synthetic 15wt 40 oil and synthetic grease. Greasing the bolt raceways in the upper receiver cut down on wear. It don't take much to lube with grease. The lighter oils, and there is a 90wt bicyclists oil that is very good, should be checked everytime the rifle is to be fired and afterwards when cleaned.

A coated 36" swivel base cleaning rod, like the Dewey is excellent. A rod guide will prevent tipping and scoring, wearing the barrel or chamber. Always clean from the receiver and when brushing the barrel, don't let the brush exit the muzzle fully.

Magazines need to be inspected and cleaned if dirty.

Bore cleaning can be overdone. Using a quality copper remover like Barnes' #10 eliminates brushing wear on your rifling. Good Stuff about $10 for long lasting bottle. To patch-out fired powder debris, use carburetor cleaner. Scrub the barrel a few times with a correct sized barrel brush and use carburetor cleaner again. Oil your bore with light gun oil like Rem-Oil or 3-In-One sewing machine oil.

You want to Patch-Out your barrel before firing. Oil in the bore can damage your barrel if not removed prior to firing. Maybe not of concern if your gun is a Blaster that you shoot mad-minutes regularly with; but a match quality or precision rifle like a Varmint AR will have an expensive barrel. No need to degrade accuracy by ignorance...

Load your 30 & 20 rd magazines about 2 or 3 rds short. It prevents the springs from taking a "set" or weakening.

The Sling can be a simple carrying aid, or an accuracy aid. The 1918 Military Sling is extremely versatile, and used for match shooting when made of super heavy leather or polyurethane.

A Free Float Tube allows your sling to take much pressure from a firm position without putting pressure on the barrel. Barrel should remain unaffected and free to vibrate and keep its orientation at all times. For same reason, we rest our rifle forend/float tube on a limb or other support but never place the barrel in contact with a rigid surface.

Sighting-in the rifle is done to enable hits at a Precise Distance; usually 100yds. The trajectory arc of the fired bullet travels up from the muzzle and then turns down at some distance. If zeroed at 100yds with 77gr match load already given, you will againg be On-Zero at about 275yds. This is called a Battlesight Zero. You can be sure of a HIT withing about 4" anywhere from 50yds to 300yds.

The Sierra, and other, Ballistics programs can plot bullet flight based on Ballistic Coefficiency of each bullet design at a given speed. Very worthwhile info to be able to generate...

To hit at greater than BSZ distance the rear sight or scope reticle is raised so bullet hits higher or further, if you will. Increasing the elevation causes the rifle muzzle to point at a greater angle. It's all about geometry and elevation and barometric pressure, And The Wind to get hits at longer distances.

With a Hashmark reticle, you have a grid by which to raise the rifle a known amount; usually one Mil with sub markings of .10 mils, or One MOA with 1/10 MOA markings. These should correspond to your elevation and windage dials on scope or rear sight. The aperture rear sight is capable of extreme accuracy, but a scope eliminates aligning the front and rear sight by its crosshair design. Only ONE focal point in your sight picture rather than two. It is typically faster to use at longer distances.

The Wind blows a lightweight bullet at great distance or when its blowing hard, like over 10mph. The Wind can change due to terrain at long distances. The air is thinner at higher altitudes, and barometric pressure also differs when at the extremes of it barometric register.

Lots to consider when shooting over 500yds, or over 300yds if shooting targets competitively.

For self-defense and hunting ranges probably not as much to calculate. You're not trying to thread a buttonhole over the heart of an enemy, you just want a hit. Animals have fairly large vital zones center chest or leg-breaking shot captures your game pretty quickly.

Handloading gives you the option to use Premium Bullets like Nosler or Barnes for game-getting with your AR-15. The Barnes Partition is exceptionally well-proven.

Hunting with an AR-15 with right bullet means you stalk closer for your best shot. The gun is easy to shoot, you've sighted-in with your load of choice. Get as close as you can and take home your meat...
Lester  (OP)

User ID: 49488977
United States
01/16/2019 01:06 AM
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Re: Riflery Basics For (___________) You Fill In The Blank..... Ladies Welcome, too!
Unable to own an AR-15 in your state?

The Tikka T-3 in .223rem in stainless with a 1:8 Twist barrel will stabilize the 77gr match bullet and maybe the 80gr. It is a lightweight, accurate sporting rifle with detachable magazine. Highly recommended.

Tikka also offers heavy-barreled Varmint and Tactical rifles. A heavy barrel will absorb more heat before affecting accuracy and gives greater stability because of its weight. A Harris Bipod or other device can enable great precision in the field.

In the 2008 issue of Canada's Dominion Rifle Club magazine, a member reported their 1000yd results with a .223rem chambered bolt rifle with 1:6.5 twist heavy barrel which allowed shooting of 90gr VLD Sierra bullets. Groups of 20 rds averaged 2" spreads vertically at 1000yds! 10 or 15 sets of targets were shot, each with very similar vertical grouping at 1,000yds....

The AR-15 when outfitted with heavy barrel and heavy float tube can deliver similar results at up to 850 or 900yds.

The AR-15 Varmint rifle models once built by Armalite are excellent, Rock River made a few models with heavy varmint barrels, but custom makers like Whiteoak, Compass Engineering, Wilson, and Satern can build Precision Longrange AR-15s or provide just a Built Upper Receiver.

The weight saving on .223 ammunition is about 2 or 3:1 versus the .308win. You can carry 500rds of 5.56x45 versus 200 of 7.62x51, or 175 of .30-06.

While a light barreled AR-15 with fiberglass float tube might weigh 7lbs, the AR-10 so equipped will weigh closer to 10lbs. A heavy-barreled AR-15 might go 9.5lbs while a heavy AR-10 will be closer to 12lbs.

As to Bullet Construction... The 75/77 gr match Bthp has a super-tough jacket. I have fired my handloads into Rock and Gravel backstop and all bullets I've ever recovered have held together, albeit some bent like pretzels. No matter what they hit, they don't shatter.

There is a school of thought that prescribes to light 55/62gr bullets for their Fracturing wound producing effect. These damage any game you take for food, and they aren't effectively accurate beyond 350yds. Remember the 77gr at 2700fps hits at 500yds like a 1600fps .357mag 158gr does at 25yds. Lots of power and Great Accuracy with that bullet.

Military uses the 77gr match ammo in the SAW light machinegun. If they issued ONLY this ammo to the troops even the M-4 carbines w/14" barrels would benefit. Yet, nothing beats the 20" barrel except a 22" or 24" An 18" is a decent compromise.

The 20" rifle is also equipped with a gas system that is less battering to its brass. Important if you reload your fired cartridges.

One last thing, the AR-15 w/20" barrel also looks about the same as any other ordinary AR rifle. A sniper carrying a bolt gun is a more easily identified target. Of course, you do the slow-crawl to avoid detection on infitration and exfiltration; but it don't always work the way you plan...

No other rifle has the AR-15's capability for fast precise delivery of rounds on target. Unless you live in Alaska in Brown Bear ranging area, the AR-15 will Do It All...

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