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Maduro can't feed its people, he can't even electrify them now - only option: TO LEAVE
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 74616659

That is not relevant at all. I mean it is but its up to Venezuelan people to carve their faith not Abrams or Pompeo or similar foreign dogs.

Whoever came up to idea that nations can be reformed from outside? Isn't the very point of a nation for people to shape their own faith, on their own terms? If people are really that hungry, if its that bad for all let them rise. Army should not be a problem. There was army in Romania who at first shot at people but then looking at sheer masses realized its over and sided with the coup. But there has to be whole nation supporting the change not minority. There was army in Soviet union but there was no war at transition. Chinese did it without transfer of power but they are high IQ. And north Koreans will do it as well even if it takes another fifty years it is theirs and only theirs duty to do it and nobody else.

You do not reform nations from outside help, nations should experience evolution on their own and they will respect that change and honor it even more when they do it solo. It opens great pride in nations history, the change.

What so far outside interventionism brought us, is death and destruction whether be in Iraq, Syria or Lybia. It is not the way to go. People keep forgetting that but when there's private interest involved media will invent all sorts of nobel causes.

Any anti-globalist should be against this intervention since it breaches country sovereignty surpassing international law. If globalists can afford that like they did in Syria and Lybia then they already won.
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