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Message Subject Practical Prepping Protocol even if Poor
Poster Handle Denholm
Post Content
Read this if you are a prepper, this my worst fear here and yes it is coming one way or another.

An Economic Collapse Is Imminent – Whether It Happens In 2019, 2020 Or 2025: How to Prepare for the Next Great Economic Collapse – impossible

[link to basesdotcom.wordpress.com (secure)]

Five signs that an economic collapse is about to happen. They are:

Growing government debt: when an economy slows, the government usually steps in to help stimulate spending again, but with a high debt, the government might not be able to make that injection.

Stock markets trading at all-time highs: investors are taking more risk on the market, markets continue to trade higher meaning investments are bull-market driven and not research-based which could lead to a stock market bubble.

Unemployment rate: eligible worker, retirement, and student rates all identify trends in people not contributing to the economy and could slow down economic growth

Unstable government: this boils down to the leader and government team in the decisions and actions that may affect the economy in various ways

Rising national debt: this means less consumer spending in the economy and more money spent on paying debt.
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