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Message Subject Practical Prepping Protocol even if Poor
Poster Handle Lowkey Cyberpunk
Post Content
So here's something to consider - in the farm oriented stores they often have bulk bins of "food crop" seeds to create a crop intended for the local wildlife to eat. Today I picked up rye and buckwheat, two grains (well buckwheat isn't really a grain but anyways) that can produce a harvest under bad conditions. Buckwheat can be harvested in 2 1/2 or 3 months. Rye can be sown in the fall and winter over in cold that will kill winter wheat. So now I have a strategy to produce grains to supplement what I have stored and be ready to settle in for a prolonged time of trouble. I'll be testing this idea out on a small scale to get a feel for how well I might expect it to work.

The cost of these two grain seeds is very reasonable, I noticed they also had radish and turnip seeds in the same bins. If events unfold quickly and you are one of those people out in the stores looking for supplies you might want to visit one of these stores and quietly look for these bins. I found them in the sporting goods section.
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