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Message Subject Practical Prepping Protocol even if Poor
Poster Handle KTee
Post Content
MKJ, nobody from that thread checked in. :( Of course we can hope a few started with the first page . . .

Thing of it is - these people who will not see to themselves today will expect us to see to them tomorrow, or they will expect to take from us what we wisely spent this time collecting.

That person I mentioned that had the camp stove and fuel but no food to cook on it - that blew me away. He and his family LIVE IN TORNADO ALLEY!!!!! They know to expect this to happen! I guess to be grateful they at least had a camp stove but no food to use it for? Maybe he was only thinking "camping" and it didn't dawn on him he could cook ordinary food on it. Maybe he thought of baked beans and hot dogs or something.

Nevertheless, they live where they can expect this kind of weather, great storms, power outages, and had never thought about what they would eat if the power went out. Just blows me away.

I used to ahve a wood stove so I knew how I would cook and heat water, and I always kept water put away, a few gallons, because we had a well and when the power is out, the water is off. Just common sense thinking - but the fellow I'm talking about is the kind that really scares me, because when his children and wife get hungry - here he comes! Multiply that by the thousands!

Of course it scares me more than it will you, because I am alone with three doors and a big window to protect. Still - just think - makes me shake my head about people.
 Quoting: Pooka

Yeah, people don’t think ahead, such is the mass disallusionment that most fall under. Do you have protection of any means? Gun? If uncomfortable with firearms at least get a taser and or pepper spray.
 Quoting: Mkjeep

If uncomfortable with guns.. get a super soaker and fill it with the caustic of your choice. As long as it's plastic friendly of course.

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