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Message Subject Practical Prepping Protocol even if Poor
Poster Handle Lowkey Cyberpunk
Post Content
I would submit that this is the actual way that I see things and that anyone else, regardless of their visual ability, anyone can see things for themselves. Galvanixed metal has a "scalded" look to me, I don't know any better way to describe it but it is unlike any other finish out there. If you are looking at an aluminum pan you won't see any patchwork in the metal. A galvanized pan has a distinctive signature.. Go look and see if I am fibbing. Or get a galvanized pan and use it against my warning. It doesn't really matter to me after I've said this.

And, I mean this is the utmost respect. Please don't think that I am trolling. This is my estimation.
 Quoting: Lowkey Cyberpunk

I saw a picture in my mind from this post of yours of an appearance that to me is almost crystalline and here it is: [link to www.amazon.com (secure)]

Not sure why you would say Or get a galvanized pan and use it against my warning. It doesn't really matter to me after I've said this. A person would be foolish to do so once warned it is poisonous.

Edit to add: Cyberpunk, perhaps it was not clear I was teasing you in the earlier post. If not, I apologize. Thought it would be obvious that I appreciated your warning, but could not resist twitting you about colorblindness and how you see things. Sorry this was not clear.
 Quoting: Pooka

I revel in people challenging (or teasing) me! Never hesitate otherwise I might linger in folly if I am wrong. I am colorblind but people going into a WROL situation need to be aware that decisions have consequences. Burning MDF or other manufactured products is a sure way to poison yourself and others around you. Maybe you could construct some shelter instead? But be aware of other hazards. That's why I posted the hazards of heating galvanized pans. Maybe one or two persons will heed the warning. Maybe more, I will never know for sure. All that I can do is pass the warning on.
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