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Message Subject Practical Prepping Protocol even if Poor
Poster Handle Pooka
Post Content
Thank you; they are great for catching spiders and misc. insects. Number one recommended location is the water heater closet and/or central heat/air conditioning area where you change the filter--on the ground, on the shelf, etc.

I thought I had some insects coming under the front door sweep so placed one on the ground behind where you open the door, and caught several; just throw the glue trap away if it starts to get full. I tried placing one in front initially but accidently got one stuck on my shoe--took about a half hour to remove---lol - so probably not a good idea to place them where a pet could get to them; they can also be placed in cabinets, shelves, under the kitchen sink, bathroom sink etc.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77691304

Sure wish we could give you green karma! Will you consider registering? Not necessary to upgrade, just register whatever user name you like. Then we can thank you with green karma!

I like this idea more and more - because there ARE spiders in here. I saw one come out from under a bathroom cupboard door the other day. Couldn't get to him quickly enough and he disappeared back where he came from.

I just don't like spiders around. Seems like I am less and less fond of spiders as time goes on. They didn't bother me much in the past, not as much as today. I don't scream or freak out, but I do object to their presence in my home.
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