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Message Subject Practical Prepping Protocol even if Poor
Poster Handle Lowkey Cyberpunk
Post Content
Hi, Darth! What fun to have your own coffee tree! How long is it expected to take to produce, according to whatever instructions you have used for it?

I've been working on having more and more coffee on hand - it's an expensive luxury, but in common with most people here, it's more a necessity than a luxury - I cannot imagine a morning without. I'll even use the dreaded instant, if necessary. Far better than none, no doubt.

Coffee will be an excellent barter good, if we have enough to be willing to part with any. Might be good to stock up a large supply of instant, because people desperate for caffeine will be ecstatic to have even instant!

Odd how we each have this certain necessity - I wonder about those who find alcohol necessary, or cocaine or other non-prescriptive pharmaceuticals - they probably will not long survive. So sad. Priorities out of whack.

We who demand that coffee be a part of our daily lives risk nothing in this preference/addiction. It does not change our perception of reality, nor make us behave peculiarly, nor risk our lives to acquire more. It is other people who are in danger, if we are without coffee - I said in an earlier post the ones in danger are those making a sound outside if I've not had my daily caffeine IV, because I might go after them with a bag of carrots or something, intending serious bodily injury! LOL
 Quoting: Pooka

I'd be willing to test whether a Yaupon tree could survive Michigan winters. For science, you know. But I've taken to store ground coffee for the immediate need. Found a store that has Hills Bros coffee for a good price, whenever I ask at a truck stop about their coffee, nine times out of ten it's that brand.

Addiction is something that we'll have to deal with in our communities. Now, and after. If that person wants to deal with it then we should support them and give them meaningful roles to live up to. Those who are too far gone to contribute... I don't know what to say but it will become apparent that they consume more than they contribute. Coffee is one of those things that I'll come to live without, plenty of teas to be made from local plants. I might not have to incur bodily harm to anyone...
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