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Message Subject Practical Prepping Protocol even if Poor
Poster Handle Pooka
Post Content
Hibiclens is a product I want to share with you, and with the ebola thread as well, because it is a wonderful tool in the fight against disease, contamination, and infections of all kinds.

Hibiclens is readily available at Walmart and pharmacies, as well as online.

The amazing thing is that once hands or any body part is washed with Hibiclens, it continues to kill bacteria, micro-organisms, AND viruses for up to twenty-four hours after using. That means everything from the common cold to streptococcus to ebola!

[link to monlyckeus.wpengine.com]

[link to www.masune.com (secure)]
 Quoting: Pooka

Hibiclens uses the same active ingredient(chlorhexidrine) as some other cleansers.
I do have several gallons of chlorhexidine gluconate 'Udder Wash' concentrate, each gallon is diluted 10:1(for 10 gallons of cleansing agent per gallon). I use it for viral decontamination of. It's inexpensive and goes a long way if the time should arise.

The 'Teat Dip' and 'Udder Wash' come plain-for outerwear and with lanolin for that nice soft virus/bacteria Free skin cleansing. The lanolin is a plus you won't find in lab disinfectants, and a nice thing(for my wife especially). :)

BTW, During the last flu crisis here in the states you could not beg, borrow or steal Chlorhexidine Gluconate Udder Wash!

Shopping around for the best price of Chlorhexidine cleansers could lead to other disciplines such as dog/cat/pet cleansers, laboratory cleaners, udder/teat wash, etc. In the case of an epidemic the main sources will be depleted quickly(Amazon, Hospital supply houses), and a trip to PetMart or Farm & Fleet might be a life saver.

This won't be something you carry around with you, but when you return home, after burying the dead(?), foraging supplies during/after the epidemic(?), helping at the local infirmary, etc, you'll want to clean up 'real good' with it before meeting up with the family. :)
 Quoting: uscrusader1

uscrusader1, welcome to this thread! What wonderful information you bring us!

Hibiclens is not cheap by any means. We could buy the udder cleaners at feed stores at a far lower cost - in fact I intend to drive up to the next town before long, to purchase same, as we no longer have a feed store here, though there is a tractor place that has hay and farm things so I will check there first.

Something with lanolin that not only removes all bacteria and viruses, and gentles the skin at the same time - what a concept! Not done for us humans! How does your wife like it? Has she tried it? I look forward to this. How about scents - is there anything pleasant or unpleasant to the nostrils?

People, the kind without lanolin - think of the cleaning properties! A pan of it outside the door for cleaning footwear of everything one may have stepped in or on while away from home - perfect! Cleaning everything to be certain 99.9% hazards are removed - uscrusader1, thank you so much for telling us about this!

We all need to purchase these items immediately, thanks to your great warning about people purchasing all of it in the last worry about a disease. I imagine the price will go up as well, when more people start purchasing.

uscrusader1, you have done us a great kindness by bringing this information here - hope you will stay with this thread and add other information as you wish. You have made a tremendous contribution to the wellness of everyone who may have to protect ourselves from goodness knows what, from ebola to severe flus to measles and anything else that might be brought into this country to make us ill.
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