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Message Subject Practical Prepping Protocol even if Poor
Poster Handle Pooka
Post Content
If this has not been posted in this thread, it really has to be and if it has, perhaps some haven't seen it yet. I adore this thing and would be building one like right now if I owned this place! It's perfect for everything we think we might be preparing for - grid down, heat, cooking, hot water, everything!

Many thanks to Lance from BC for it!

[link to richsoil.com (secure)]
 Quoting: Pooka

Rocket mass stoves are all the rage right now but we've seen the same concept in the past with Russian stoves and the like. John Seymour in one of his books has a detailed drawing of a massive stove/oven that is fed from the outside. It's a concept worth exploring. I'm actually searching for firebrick and salvaged brick for a project. Thought I had a source last weekend but it was gone by the time I got there. All good, I've increased my readiness this last week in all kinds of ways. Food, seeds, heat, sanitation, sewing and, hopefully communication. I'll know Saturday about the last.
 Quoting: Lowkey Cyberpunk

Very well done, cyberpunk! Can't imagine you needing more in the way of communication, but we definitely need to be more speedily preparing. The food situation appears worse and worse.

On YT, the channel Face it Fearless often shows the water over farmlands, miles and miles and miles, even fish and minnows swimming where our food should be growing. Very interesting!

Glad to know you are doing something for warmth and cooking that is coming together! I envy, though I shouldn't!
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