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Bad Psychiatrist Experience


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01/24/2019 01:30 PM
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Re: Bad Psychiatrist Experience
I’m sorry I need to vent I feel like an experiment.

Ive been on low dose .5 mg Xanax for about 5 years, only as needed. Has been extremely effective against extreme paranoia, panic, and even sleep a little. Never have I increased dose or taken more than prescribed. I’m responsible with it and have been greatful. But when I requested it to a new doctor that I’d like to continue, I was immediately treated like a drug addict....

What is her solution? TWO antipsychotic type meds and a sleeping pill. Or my current recent anti psychotic that gives me nausea, the shits, and makes it extremely hard for me to wake up...... her suggestion was doubling the dose. And for either one of those options additionally an SSRI to my current antidepressant despite 3 unsuccessful attempts with them before. The real kicker. She thought it was more important for me to sleep, half the day she said if I wanted,......instead of being functional, active, and working. I started crying pretty heavily because I don’t want to be a zombie. I want to get up and do things. Her suggestion, more of sarcastic bad joke,was that maybe I should spend a couple days in the hospital. Which made me cry harder and she acted so angry at me

I ended up staying on the low dose anti psych only, at current dose and nothing else added. It’s not good for me though. Why is the answer for them excessive medication and sedation.
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Dude I am not a doctor but I can speak from my experience. In the beginning I was on the xannie because of sleeping issues. The doc gave me Seroquel 25mg. In four months is gained 10kg and liver problems, was like a zombie and had a funny taste in my mouth and a huge appetite. I stopped getting it and gone back to Xanax, 0.5 my the past 3 years and I feel better. Now I'm gonna quit my job, cause this is why I am getting the drugs, long working hours and anxiety, and cut that stuff too. Antipsychotics are not a game to play with, I suggest you get more opinions. Change your lifestyle, don't die over a job or whatever.
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United States
01/24/2019 09:54 PM
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Re: Bad Psychiatrist Experience

It works wonders. You can live in your own skin.

I respond well. $1200.00

Insurance will not pay. Some councilors incorporate this in their practices..
Google search. Not extremely uncommon. Ask specifically alpha stim included in treatment.

Keep you away from the hotel California drugs.

Also try high amounts of Benadryl jell caps. 125 to 250mg.

Most can experiment with dose. Two works for many

Almost x or v.