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Message Subject Bad Psychiatrist Experience
Poster Handle Apocalypse Troll
Post Content
You are on glp and still trust psychiatrist? lol

You need to figure out what your parents did/didn't do that made you messed up and then forgive them, as they didn't know what they were doing.

Drugs will only dull the symptoms while the actual cause will grow stronger and stronger.
 Quoting: TruthSneeker

My parents are good. This is chemical.

Dull what symptom? Thinking someone is outside my window with a hatchet? Or feeling like being always watched? Or believing I’m going to spontaneously combust? How do you dull that?
 Quoting: bleep

You can't dull that.

The only thing you can do outside of meds would be to find new coping mechanisms for each issue.

That is what that shrink should be helping you create, not chemically lobotomizing you.

Find another one, I would say, but I am no doctor and that is just my opinion.
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