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Message Subject Bad Psychiatrist Experience
Poster Handle krixbuggy
Post Content
Try blue lotus. It works like Xanax (better even). Without the chemical dependence. And get off those other meds, they are useless.
 Quoting: krixbuggy

It's also cheap and legal.
 Quoting: krixbuggy

Tried it. And all other natural alternatives under the sun. Gives me nerve pain

I’m getting off this antipsychotic. It does nothing but knock me out.
 Quoting: bleep

Have you? Not too many know about it.

Seems like you just want the Xanax, which I understand, it's great stuff and no matter what you say, you are chemically dependent on it. May I suggest finding another doctor?
 Quoting: krixbuggy

Also, I know in NY now, you can't have both Xanax and opiates. Could that be the issue? There are miriad anti anxiety drugs out there.

Also, the chemical Inbalance thing, it's just a theory,there is zero way of scientifically proving a chemical Inbalance. There is no test.

The only thing I can think of that might cause a chemical Inbalance would be drugs that change the natural cycle of hormone production. What chemical are out of balance? Were you told? Because it would make a significant difference on treatment.
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