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Message Subject Bad Psychiatrist Experience
Poster Handle krixbuggy
Post Content

It's also cheap and legal.
 Quoting: krixbuggy

Tried it. And all other natural alternatives under the sun. Gives me nerve pain

I’m getting off this antipsychotic. It does nothing but knock me out.
 Quoting: bleep

Have you? Not too many know about it.

Seems like you just want the Xanax, which I understand, it's great stuff and no matter what you say, you are chemically dependent on it. May I suggest finding another doctor?
 Quoting: krixbuggy

I’m not chemically dependent on it. I haven’t taken it in 2 months. I go weeks to months without it. I take it when shit gets real, as needed, not even daily.

Yes I gave blue lotus a good shot.
 Quoting: bleep

If you are taking it "as needed" then try weed. You have to smoke past the point of paranoia. I can't smoke it unless I smoke more than two or three hits, the first makes me super paranoid. Also, I can't do the new super weed,it's gotta be the old "commercial" weed. The new stuff hits too hard, too quick and makes me feel stupid....
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