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Message Subject Bad Psychiatrist Experience
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

Tried it. And all other natural alternatives under the sun. Gives me nerve pain

I’m getting off this antipsychotic. It does nothing but knock me out.
 Quoting: bleep

Have you? Not too many know about it.

Seems like you just want the Xanax, which I understand, it's great stuff and no matter what you say, you are chemically dependent on it. May I suggest finding another doctor?
 Quoting: krixbuggy

I’m not chemically dependent on it. I haven’t taken it in 2 months. I go weeks to months without it. I take it when shit gets real, as needed, not even daily.

Yes I gave blue lotus a good shot.
 Quoting: bleep

If you are taking it "as needed" then try weed. You have to smoke past the point of paranoia. I can't smoke it unless I smoke more than two or three hits, the first makes me super paranoid. Also, I can't do the new super weed,it's gotta be the old "commercial" weed. The new stuff hits too hard, too quick and makes me feel stupid....
 Quoting: krixbuggy

I do very little but usually 1 hit.. that makes sense I do recall feeling less heady with two hits.
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