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Message Subject Bad Psychiatrist Experience
Poster Handle The_Towns_Tiny_Dick
Post Content
I made the mistake of trusting a psychiatrist, and doing what she ordered.
In fact it sounds nearly identical to your situation.
Recommended doubling my dose of anti psychotic, and prescribing anti anxiety sleep drugs to counteract the extreme insomnia, anxiety, and paranoid psychosis that the anti psychotic drug was inducing in me.
On top of that, she double my dose of anti depressant; an extremely dangerous anti depressant with a long, and well documented history of inducing depression and suicide.

Went paranoid psychotic hysterical for 3.5 years. Sleeping with kitchen knives kind of shit.

Brain zaps for at least 2 years after quitting the drugs. Went off very slowly too.

Watch out, a psychiatrist can have you incarcerated on their whim.

Try bullet proof coffee. That actually turned my brain around 180 degrees inside my head within an hour... in a good way
Eased the constant waking thoughts and visions of violent and graphic suicidality. Eased the mind lock and anxiety too
Don’t stray too far from a bathroom though

Good luck!
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