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Message Subject Bad Psychiatrist Experience
Poster Handle bleep
Post Content

My parents are good. This is chemical.

Dull what symptom? Thinking someone is outside my window with a hatchet? Or feeling like being always watched? Or believing I’m going to spontaneously combust? How do you dull that?
 Quoting: bleep

Yes, that is exactly what they want you to believe, while your problem is much simpler, although more hurtful to you, probably.

[link to www.tandfonline.com (secure)]

Psychiatry is one of the reasons why the world today is overrun by actual mental patients.
 Quoting: TruthSneeker

I’m gonna go off it I think. I see no point

I have to take my anti depressant though. 2 year chronic back pain, .
With it I’m moving, without it I’m in extreme pain. And it’s the only med I take now that controls my digestive issues, prevents inflammation and er visits

So I do believe it’s chemical. Same as vitamins and certain foods can cure.
 Quoting: bleep

Isn't it funny, how 30 years ago people had way more physically demanding jobs and nobody was on any sort of pain medication, while today practically 80% are on some form of pain reducing drugs while their jobs are in majority office ones?

You are just addicted and it feels good to you. And as any addict you will hold on to any rationale why it is good for you.

Everything starts with the brain. Brain controls ALL functions of the body and if the brain is messed up, the body is messed up.
 Quoting: TruthSneeker

Again. Not addicted. Haven’t been on it in atleast two months. No side effects to not taking, I don’t even get a buzz when I do, I just didn’t have paranoid episodes that warranted using it, so I didn’t. More so pissed at the alternative multi pill “solution” with daily dependence. I’m not dependent on the Xanax, these other meds must be taken daily and I would probably get drug dependent, as prescribed

I don’t need the Xanax, fuck the Xanax, that part is fine.
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