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Message Subject Bad Psychiatrist Experience
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Psychiatrists are a no no lovebug. I understand the paranoia, believe me I understand how you feel.

But it's truly mind over matter and mastering your thoughts and emotions.

You have every reason to believe something is watching you. We're being watched by various entities, but who cares?

Teach yourself that paranoia itself is the enemy. Paranoia can cause us to do crazy things.

Pray, do some writing or painting, go on a jog (it will increase your serotonin and is the greatest high), drink lots of water and eat healthy, and IGNORE THE SPIRIT OF PARANOIA.

Pharmaceuticals mask the real problem and create more. Being zombied out is useless as you know.

I dont know any substances to recommend.

When I would smoke, I would set an intention ahead of time and pray. I would always get a good lesson and be able to manage my racing thoughts and paranoia more. But DEFINITELY dont abuse that method and especially if it's illegal there for you.
 Quoting: TheBLESSEDOne

Yes I’m going to tackle that one without meds. It definitely helped though so I don’t get the whole demonization. I’m not so much upset about not taking it as I am upset about the alternative plate full of meds idea. How could someone basically say it’s better to be zombified if need be and put responsibility aside... I don’t get it. I’m not a shut in dosed on pills why’d she try to make me one?
 Quoting: bleep

Cause she is a quack lol. It's their job to act like they know better and bank off your misery.
 Quoting: TheBLESSEDOne

I guess I’m just shocked. You hear about some really control freak narcissistic psyches, I’ve never had one before that acted like that. Taunting, and sarcasm, anger, etc. I know what some of you others complain about now. First time experiencing this.
 Quoting: bleep

Preaching to the choir. :)

I've been pushed and prodded and teased, discredited, and mocked all my life. Been SURROUNDED by narcissists. If I had no faith in our creator I'd be a hitwoman by now.

Those people like to prey on people like us. Dont let them get to you. Best thing to do is ignore them, dont give them a reaction, and master your emotions/paranoia yourself. No one else can do it for you and only God can see into your mind.hf
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