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Message Subject Bad Psychiatrist Experience
Poster Handle Crypto-Tard
Post Content
My solution would be to try some meditation and spend more time at GLP. Drop the shrink, they are the sales force for big pharma. Make up some kind of "diagnosis", then come up with a big pharma treatment for it.

Remember 70% of these things are in your mind. The greatest medical discovery of the 20th century is the placebo effect. If their drugs really worked, why would they have to "double blind" study by giving people fake pills to counteract this very powerful effect? Hint: placebo effect is they should be using, but they can't make any money off you with that.

Meditation I recommend is Falun Gong. It won't cost you a penny. [link to falundafa.org]

You can PM me if you'd like to learn more, I've been doing it for 11 years, it's a good one.
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