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Message Subject YELP is a SCAM
Poster Handle d1k
Post Content
Beware if you’re a small business owner.

When you refuse to advertise with Yelp they will remove your positive reviews and leave only negative reviews. They did this to me. I literally had many five star reviews that were removed and I had one negative review that was bogus and that’s the only review they left for my business. This was done after I refused to pay for advertising on their site. They also flagged this one star review as the first review I received for my business which was an out right lie.

They currently have a ton of lawsuits against them and many complaints by businesses who have had this issue with them. You can check out YouTube videos with people having this issue and you can also research it on the Internet. I plan to file a complaint with the federal trade commission once the government opens back up, but I don’t expect any results as many people have brought lawsuits to know avail.

I would like to let consumers know that you cannot rely on Yelp reviews. They lie. They allow good reviews if they are getting paid by that business. If you want fair reviews pay attention to Google.

Spread the word so we can let the public know, Yelp uses extortion to force businesses to advertise with them. If you have their app one star it and tell them why. It’s a big businesses like this that hurt small business owners and they don’t care.
 Quoting: _Enigma_

Did some research on-line and it looks like you are right, over 2000 complaints filed between 2008 and 2014 (old article). I shared on FB. May these fuckers burn in hell.
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