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Message Subject Partial crustal shift and the Sun / earth DOOM..*UPDATED*page12
Poster Handle storm2come
Post Content
Flashes being piezoelectric in nature?
 Quoting: LookingInward

Yes, The rocky crust under pressure gives off electricity resulting in sonic resonance.
 Quoting: storm2come

A lot of us folks here in NC wondered about crazy-ass weather dumping so much rain, storm run-off, recharging dewatered aquifers and then plates are grinding together.

I'm just glad I spent my childhood here at the great beaches of the Carolinas since it will be lost soon.

And O's C, that gig w/ solstice appearance of feathered snake creeping down pyramid just blew me away w/ your analysis!

bump....for keeping this upfront-n-center for those who want to know.
 Quoting: Deplorable Zenobia

Hey DZ, the crazy-ass weather is a sign of the climate shifting to whatever the new poles are going to be, Now I'm not saying that the earths whole crust will shift, but we are already seeing a lot of activity in the smaller plates along the equator the map I posted shows they are changing direction and we should expect the climate to do the same.

here's another look at it.

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