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Message Subject Partial crustal shift and the Sun / earth DOOM..*UPDATED*page12
Poster Handle TheOracle'sCookie
Post Content
One of the most important threads on GLP! Great job!


I just thought you might find this video which I captured
for an older thread I hosted on "bug out bags" in 2014!
This was also the year I first came across the research of
Dr. Paul LaViolette and his ideas about global catastrophe
which come in "cycles" (just as Dr. Vogt suggests, as well.)

It was one of my very FIRST "hinkies," Storm2Come that we
were really IN TROUBLE and needed some sobering discussions
about WHAT is and is NOT appropriate when planning for an
. Here is that video....What you see is the
"normal" equatorial cloud band--which usually circles in
a counter-clockwise motion around the Earth's equator. Until
THAT day in March 2014 the Equatorial Cloud Band rarely
changed position--which is why they named it that! But as
you see in the video...the ECB is pushed off to the west
in a very odd position. THIS IS MAGNETICS...NOT WEATHER!

[link to youtu.be (secure)]
From DunchSense way back in 2014.

My thread link is below:
Thread: "Your Emergency "bug-out-bag" isn't big enough for THIS! Earth is a Run-Away Train: UPDATED!

Back in 2014 I was fascinated with the research on the
Galactic Super Wave Theory by Dr. Paul LaViolette...and I
believed very strongly that this strange change in weather
patterns was "symptomatic" of a coming GSW. I had no info
on how a 1-2-punch of a Galactic Super Wave triggering a
Solar Micro-Nova made a great deal of sense. Dr. Vogt's
videos explain this very nicely...and I appreciate your
posting them on your thread!


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