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Subject HaHa...went to the doctor today
Poster Handle Manosteel
Post Content
He droned out this list of crap I needed to do and things I needed to not do and a list of supplements I need to take and an armload of prescriptions...

I said:

Doc, I am not going to do any of that. I am here ot get my breathing treatment crap worked out." (I was bitten by a black widow a couple years ago and it damaged my respiratory system).

he says "You need to do this stuff and it will lighten the damage of that spider bite"

"Sorry doc...I am not going to stop drinking beer or smoking weed....it is your job to make it so I can do those things without being in pain"

"Well ok then"

He cut me a couple new prescriptions for breathing meds and then said "you could live longer if you stop abusing your body" and I said "why would I want to do that?"
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