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The New World Order is an "ELECTRONIC HOLOCAUST"

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01/26/2019 06:02 AM
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The New World Order is an "ELECTRONIC HOLOCAUST"
I'm going to tell you what the New World Order is really about. It's an electronic prison and control grid. It's an ELECTRONIC HOLOCAUST!!

The electronic grid in America with the satellites, cell towers, drones are being setup to electronically control all humans via electronic implants. The electronic implants are being sprayed in the air via 'chemtrails'. And we are all implanted for this electronic holocaust. You can find the implants on your scalp using a non-contact volt meter. We are all being connected to the cell tower for this mind control agenda. They are using the chemtrail implants to burn people's bodies internally now. And they are torturing people all over the U.S. now and the govt and police are not stopping it. And this is not getting on the news.

I as well as many Americans have had our chips turned on, so they can torture us physically, and verbally assault us. And they have turned our homes into a prison. We are being burned and electrocuted by the Nazi factions in the U.S. military who are shooting electricity into our homes via satalites, drones and cell towers and burning and torturing me, others and pets. These factions in the U.S. military tortured my cat for 3 months and killed her with directed energy weapons. They are able to remotely hear all of our thoughts, talk to us through this electronic grid, and electrocute us, and remotely control our internal organs. They are able to suffocate us, fibrillate our hearts, give us tremendous migraines, make us feel like passing out etc. I am being shot at all day and night with chemical agents that smell like mold and poisoned. They try to tell me what to do and what I cannot do, in this New World Order with threats to kill me all day. They can see into our homes, and shoot at me and others, all throughout the house, chasing us from room to room.

I'm going to tell you more about this agenda to imprison and control humanity via electricity. The Nazi SS logo is in the shape of the lightening bolts coincidentally. And this New World Order agenda is an electrocution agenda. And there is a huge Nazi base under the water in Antartica. And there are tons of videos on youtube about this. I believe they are behind this agenda together with factions in the US military who are selling humanity out to be able to live and get advanced technologies. And I also believe it's a Nazi front for those who are underground called, the Nordics and Grays. And this New World Order agenda is not human, as they have declined the oxygen in the air by 30-50% over the past 100 years. The politicians and US military involved are most likely taken over by the AI artificial intelligence technologies and are controlled by the Grays and Nordics via chemtrail implants.

The agenda for this New World Order Electronic holocaust was to implant the entire human race with nanotechnology implants that are sprayed into the air called, "Smart Dust". The smart dust particles made of polyeurothanes, sylaxanes, carbon nanotubes are self replicating nano machines that takeover the human body. Using the cell towers connected to a giant supercomputer, these underground bases who plan a takeover are able to remotely control the implants in our bodies. Move the implants around and setup an electronic network in our bodies.

We all have them already. How many you have depends on your exposure, your immune system, location, genetics and ability to detoxify poisons. Certain genetics seem to be getting attacked. And I believe Jews are being attacked, and the genetics of ancient bloodlines that can be also in the Christian people. And bhuddists and yogis' are also being attacked as these ones in the underground bases do not want anyone connecting spiritually as they plan a New World Order that is satanic, with no G-d and no spirituality. They desire the blonde haired, blue eyed, Nordic /Germanic genetics for their New World Order genetics due to looks. But internally the are using gmo foods to mutate us into some other species, probably the "grays". They want the Muslims to takeover due to the harder more 3rd world type lifestyle. And they desire to use New Agers, since these forces redirect energies and they want New Agers worshiping aliens, and not G-d. As G-d energy is too high for these demonic races underground. So they need people who can redirect energy to them, so they (Grays) can remain in a higher vibration that they would not ordinarily be able to inhabit. As they are evil.

This New World Order agenda dates back to Hitler who was a New Ager. He was involved in New Age secret societies like the Vrill and Thule societies. These societies were run by Psychics who were contacting alien races such as the Nordics and Grays, I believe. The bible says," Thou shall not have any alien g-ds". As this was a warning of the evil that was lurking with these groups that wish to destroy humanity and setup an electronic grid to electrocute, torture and kill citizens that they do not deem will fit into their Transhumanized society. A society where they will be only humans that can be programmed with nanotechnology and controlled via artificial intelligence connected to cell towers, satellites, drones, internet, smart phones etc. They plan an entire control grid to control humanity via implants.

One of the main implants used for this agenda is in the eyes. I think the left eye has one of the main implants that can redirect electricity throughout the body. This is why I believe the Illuminati symbol is a hand held over one of the eyes. As I think covering the left eye with some type of frequency blocker can shut down their system for a little bit. The Vrill society I believe leads to the occult terminology of the 'Vrill" which has the definition of some eye takeover by a parasite. I am putting the pieces together. I think the Vrill are the Nordic Aliens and Grays in Antartica, Dulce etc.

So, these New World Order groups who work with the U.S. Military are turning on people's nanotechnology implants now. People all across America are being electrocuted in their homes and cars, and when they go to work, or shopping etc. Pets are being tortured as well. And children are also being tortured. People are being microwaved in their homes, electrocuted and shot at with chemical weapons into their homes.

Here are some photos of innocent women being burned by U.S. military in this Transhumanist Electronic Holocaust (New World Order agenda..

1. Photos of women attacked.

Innocent woman burned with a directed energy weapon by US military, as she was taking a photo and thinking she had a halo over her head. And then finds out that it was a directed energy weapon that hit her.

[link to www.facebook.com (secure)]

2. Another innocent woman hit with directed energy weapons in the US by the military. The third pic is a weapon that hit her when she was driving. They love to hit us with pulses as we are driving.

[link to www.facebook.com (secure)]

This Electronic holocaust includes the use of military patent "Voice to Skull" weapon. This is where the US military and the "others" from underground bases can send their voices through cell towers directly to people's scalp via the nanotechnology sprayed into the air.

They are torturing people verbally in their homes and making their homes a concentration camp. Here are some of the things these evil forces demand through the voice to skull technology.

1. You cannot eat or you will be electrocuted.
2. You cannot think of your family member or we will take over you car remotely while you drive. (and they do this!)
3. You cannot eat or we kill your cat, (and they killed my cat).
4. You have to clean your backyard or we do something like start a fire. (and then all of a sudden a gasoline container appears in front of your house).
5. You can't tell anyone you are being tortured or we blow up something in your home or car. Etc.
6. Don't go here, or we hurt everyone there.
7. Don't do this or we kill your neighbors cat, dog etc.

This is the NEW WORLD ORDER!! It's an electronic holocaust whereby everyone is being connected to the electronic grid, cell towers, etc to be imprisoned and told what to do or be tortured and burned. And it's happening all over America.

Oh, I forgot to mention, they are also using a "Fuck machine" that rapes women, men and cats with nanotechnology and laser weapons. The govt has a leaked document online about this orgasm technology. And this is part of their torture.

Oh, and none of the big whistleblowers have been putting all the pieces together. David Icke does not have the big big picture as I believe he is controlled by these Nordics and Grays to focus on Israel. The reason why they don't want Israel, Jews or Christians in this New World Order is because the implants they are spraying in the air can make someone with ancient genes of the religious bloodlines obtain information like in the movie, "Lucy". Whereby she can download any information she wants from the universe. It's due to having ancient bloodlines and that is why these New World Order groups want New Agers and Truthers to turn on these groups. They want to end any of those advanced genetics, like Jesus, or Moses genetics etc. As they bring in too much spiritual higher energies to the planet. I know it's true b/c of certain reasons. And Phil K Dick, movie producer, warned about a Nazi agenda in the 1970's that would include spraying the air with poisons and there would be a problem whereby a certain percentage of the population would acquire advanced abilities like in the movie,"Lucy". And that is what that movie is about. And certain genetics wouldn't be transhumanized but instead the crystal implants would amplify spiritual energies to be able to download massive amounts of any kind of info to help humanity.

If you want to find out more and see photos and videos of people who are being harmed in the start of this New World Order transhumanist agenda, see my facebook page.
[link to USE_FULL_LINK_PLEASE (secure)]

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01/26/2019 09:03 AM
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Re: The New World Order is an "ELECTRONIC HOLOCAUST"