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American battle report. JAN 2019

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United States
01/27/2019 01:22 PM
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American battle report. JAN 2019
I need your help, Can anyone think of a deep water port in the united states that is not ran by republicans?

I just had a revelation.That the way that the communists are taking over is by sea.

Every ocean port i can think of has been transferred to communist supporting nations or given control to democrats thru population importation.

The deep ports are the key. They ship the people money and everything needed for the invasion.

Long beach Mayor-Democrat ROBERT GARCIA Anchor Baby
Los Angeles Mayor-Democrat Eric Garcetti Globalist.
New York Mayor -Democrat Bill de Blasio Globalist Captain.
Baltimore Mayor-Democrat Catherine Pugh-Globalist Enabler
Seattle Mayor-Democrat Jenny Durkan-Globalist soldier
Houston Mayor-Democrat Sylvester Turner Globalist turncoat.
Port of Virginia- Gov-d Ralph Northam
Port of Charleston Gov-R ,Mayor-Democrat John Tecklenburg
San Juan, Puerto Rico Gov-D Ricardo Rosselló

Why the talk about ports? well This is ground ZERO for globalist resupplies.
If the ports are taken, they can resupply thru banking within the country. If banking network is neutralized. They have access to digitally laundered money through online transactions.

Container ports.
[link to www.worldshipping.org]

China is number 1 by a mile. There largest port ships 4 times the containers as the united states largest port. 7 of the top 10 companies are chinese. United States don't even make it into the top 10.

Guys we are under an invasion right now. The ground war is already happening. Red alert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The way holywood wanted us to see the war was through the eyes of a HARD Invasion. So when a soft persuasive invasion comes. You will never see it coming. Guys we have to start breaking the Holywood control system. THE democrats are trying to murder AMERICA!