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Message Subject What will QUEEN PELOSI do next
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
she already told the President he can't speak until she gives him permission.

within 3wks, she will order the muslims to start impeachment of TRUMP and the VP.

monday will be her 1st full workday as head of the nation.she is gloating from her victory, what do you think she wil do in her 1st week?

how log til she starts running guns to Venezuala and hand them out? then those guns can be transported north to be used to attack anyone left that doesn't bow at her feet.

with her as QUEEN,will america wimp out as we have always done OR will we rise up and burn DC to the ground and take our country back?

my bet is the media pushes what a great win this is. that a female finally owns TRUMP.they will claim everything she does is what hillary would have done. i also think they will push the venezuala stories more and more.it will look like america is going to save thwe ppl there."in the name of peace..... and to save the children....."
 Quoting: JAZZz50

Die or have a stroke hopefully and put us out of the continual misery.
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