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Message Subject What Name would you call THE best Fighter in Existence ?...apart from GOD
Poster Handle dontgomexico
Post Content
someone who doesnt get hit

(someone who doesnt fight)

finds other ways to overcome and sway armies .. defeating them effortlessly.

nobody can do it
 Quoting: dontgomexico

someone who defeats armies, monsters and other 'THINGS' in all the universe in ONE LIFETIME.
 Quoting: dontgomexico

That is the Golden Sword of Hell's horde.

The wielder does not face hand to hand combat, but conquer star systems and galaxies using the weight of the Prime's predators.

I will be summoning the horde to challenge humanities right to rule.

In 300 years they will arrive.

The Dragon army will be grand show you all expect of me.

I will slay some, only to make it seem like im fighting for our survival. ;)

We win. Only because i willed it.

Now join my army.
 Quoting: AlienGodKing

 Quoting: dontgomexico

i dont even need a sword [link to en.wikipedia.org (secure)]
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