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Message Subject What Name would you call THE best Fighter in Existence ?...apart from GOD
Poster Handle Onedayoneway
Post Content
rajal, dajjal, ring a babal? loooool
 Quoting: Onedayoneway

 Quoting: dontgomexico

theres still '3' 'HorsemeN' left ..
 Quoting: dontgomexico

i dont know about that..but i do know this
i met the dajjal, he is a serious asshole lol
he is just pure turd , he lives here in sa, hes homeless

Lucifer is at least beautiful but this demon guy is just foul
Lucifer will squash him, hopefully..I dont wanna see him again in my lifetime

He is NOT on lucifers side, he wants to BE God , as in yahweh, he thinks he IS i am, SO HE IS SELF RIGHTEOUS
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