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Message Subject What Name would you call THE best Fighter in Existence ?...apart from GOD
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
And frankly OP most of the Youngling are not fighters, why, even in the fine book one second after, the Col himself says "Most soldiers are not trigger pullers" and also the book sees him as a commander of Bradley FV which is a okay device, quite useful, and yet which also, tactically due to mid game interference, blows the shit out of itself, literally on the battlefield. Commanders have to deal with the guilt of friendly fire.

fighting, and especially these days 3when UFC stood all the gracie jits guys on their feet, got tired of gi, and wanted bubba/trayvon style meatfest of slug and mixed MA, which rally is not how actual real fighting goes on. I won't say they aren't top flight gladiators, but I would still choose a a level pro wrestler, against yes even the top MMA guy, Pro Wrestler is always top level fighter, why? Because those guys are so good at crippling men, they have survived crippling moves in every match due to subtle knowledge of performnce, but just like Aikido, you don't have to be nice you can snap that neck and violate budo at any time. When I say "can" I mean, not without consequences, which is why Aikido is a nice place to start, because it gives you budo, but dopn't get trapped at some fucking bathroom station because you didn't think ahead about context and you got sent up a wrong road. Peace first, then learn to optionalize peacfulness when times get rough.
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