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Message Subject What Name would you call THE best Fighter in Existence ?...apart from GOD
Poster Handle dontgomexico
Post Content
Starfox SNES - SECRET 2 - Out of this Dimension
 Quoting: dontgomexico

Fox is high as hell

out of this dimension= troll dimension

I can't help but think the bird thing is fox realizing he's not cut out for this stuff and leaving back to corneria and the rest is a euphemism for his friends telling him he should go back to being a pilot (the paper airplanes flying at him) and the gambling addiction he took up afterwards.

The games usually were very off-the-wall, played public domain classical music, and some of the bosses were very weird (Most egregious is a recurring Dancing Panda, recurring Giant Woman, and a Foolish Fuedal Lord that dresses up in several hats and fires puzzle blocks at you)

Pop-Fiction brought me. Just out of curiosity, I wonder what king of drugs the developers were on when they made this level, along with the Awesome Black Hole level.

The "D" is always the hardest part

Fox is.... a gambler.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, come on, come all to the freakiest show in the entire Lylat System

Man I really hope Star Fox Zero has some awesome secret levels like this one.

Sorry to jet, but I want to play slots"

uhhhhh..... Fox, what drugs did you take before going to the asteroids stage?????
Fox: apparently that random bird that came out of the giant asteroid had his stomach full of drugs and he pooped them on me...
Me: Oh.


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