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Banned in Ireland - immigration video by Stefan Molyneux

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01/30/2019 02:37 PM

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Banned in Ireland - immigration video by Stefan Molyneux
A Youtube video by Stefan Molyneux focussing on the immigration in Ireland and the planned population replacement programme by the Irish government to add 1 million migrants by 2040 into the Irish populace has been banned by YouTube for Irish consumers.

Someone somewhere found this video to hit a nerve and a complaint must have been made to YouTube to have the video removed from viewers in the Irish Republic.

You cannot even see the video, nor hunt it down from a search if you live in the Republic, the only way to see this video is from it being uploaded elsewhere, on someone else's account or using a VPN to fake your Irish IP.

So what is it about the video that the Irish Government dont want the Irish to know? Genocide of the Irish race?

After 260,000+ views, Stefan Molyneux's video has now been censored in Ireland but can still be viewed on Stefan Molyneux's bitchute channel and seen on youtube here:

[link to www.bitchute.com (secure)]

Irish viewers are informed when attempting to view

the Original video below that this video cannot be viewed on this country domain.