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Message Subject Trump said: "We Need" Global Warming to Deal With Record Cold Temperatures.
Poster Handle LoneStarRising
Post Content
I like a lot of what this guy does .... this statement is crazy ... maybe he should visit Australia and see all the animals that have died from record breaking heat

As if Global Warming is real. You stupid fuck.

 Quoting: Chip

Now thats funny Chip , glaciers are melting and the Arctic is warming faster than any part of planet because of ???

Nibiru ?

I understand their is an agenda to keep but this is silly

If you wanna stop humans from "hurting the planet" I suggest you run into the woods and live like an animal before you suggest others do so. K cuntboy?

You self involved shitsticks make me sick.
 Quoting: Chip


Well said!

Anthropomorphic global warming is nothing more than a scam that allows governments to tax their citizens into oblivion.
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